The Mystical Art and Talent Show!

Painting by Andy Gmür: "Yin Yang Big Bang" - oil and paper on canvas 2001-2002

"To the Infinite Becoming"

Welcome to our summer celebration of personal spiritual art! Drawing upon dreams, meditations, religion, nature, and more: a full evening's presentation of an amazing variety of original paintings, readings, stories, and songs by many local spiritual artists.

The 2002 shows are May 4, July 13, and Sept 21. Each show is different! Join us for a rare opportunity to find inspiration and friendship with fellow seekers who have something transcendent to say with their creativity!

Saturday, July 13, 2002 at 7pm-9:30pm
(your $5-$10 sliding scale admission will help defray many costs)
Cambridge Swedenborg Chapel, 50 Quincy St. Cambridge, MA. This a lovely Gothic stone chapel across from Harvard's Sanders Theatre (Memorial Hall) in Harvard Square.
(Not wheelchair accessible yet, sorry.)

• series info and art online at !

Presenters scheduled include:
Musicians: Suzanne Clark (singer/songwriter with backup band), Deanna Paquet (singer), Becky Williams (singer/songwriter)
Poetry: Sheri Espar, Jane Spickett
Speakers: Eugene Taylor (Harvard lecturer on consciousness studies), Kevin Johnson (new spiritual parables), Claude Leboeuf (storyteller as Johnny Appleseed)
Paintings: Yuko Adachi, Ilani D'Alfonso, Deb Barret, Duncan Chrystal, Sheri Espar, Susan Frances, Andy Gmür, SeRaiel Mantle, Carl Schroeder, Marianne Snow, Jane Spickett, Howard Wheaton