Painting by Brenda Wiberg: "Divine Love and Wisdom"
"The Flower
the Song"

The seasonal Soul Stirring mystical variety shows are back!

Welcome to our Spring celebration of personal spiritual art. Drawing upon dreams, meditations, religion, nature, and more: a full evening's presentation of an amazing variety of original paintings, readings, stories, and songs by many local spiritual artists.

The 2002 shows are May 4, July 13, and Sept 21. Each show is different! Interestingly, the Spring presentation has drawn a powerful combination of astral experience speakers (Near Death Experience, Out-of-Body Experience, lucid dreaming) along with several talented musicians who have just recorded their first CDs. Painters you have never seen before will be displaying too. So join us for a rare opportunity to find inspiration and friendship with fellow seekers who have something transcendent to say with their creativity!

Saturday, May 4, 2002 at 7pm-9:30pm
(your $5-$10 sliding scale admission will help defray many costs)
Cambridge Swedenborg Chapel, 50 Quincy St. Cambridge, MA. This a lovely Gothic stone chapel across from Harvard's Sanders Theatre (Memorial Hall) in Harvard Square.
(Not wheelchair accessible yet, sorry.)

• series info and art online at !

Presenters scheduled include: Musicians: Nicholas Despo (guitar, vocal), Jon Holland and Eric Hutchison (support drumming), Anne Kay and friends (spirit song), Lee Perlman (guitar, vocal), Harry R. (guitar, vocal) - - Speakers: Janet Doucette (NDE mandalas), Alexander D. (OBE stories), Mark G. (NDE stories), Marjie Harrison (opening visualization), Carl Schroeder (lucid dream stories) - - Paintings: Yuko Adachi, Virginia Brennan, Linda Clave, Sheri Espar, Andy Gmür, SeRaiel Mantle, Ellen McDonough, Rod Parker, Paula Stimpson, Maria Termini, Brenda Wiberg, Carol Williams, Tony Yoffie
featuring a Pro rental sound system graciously donated by the Mars Music Superstore, Somerville