In need of some Spring healing?

"The Grail and the Dragon" painting © by Ishmira Kathleen Thoma
The Mystical Art & Talent Show
for Spring 2004!

The seasonal Soul Stirring mystical variety shows are back!

Welcome to our Spring celebration of personal spiritual art. Drawing upon dreams, meditations, religion, nature, and more: a full evening's presentation of an amazing variety of original paintings, readings, stories, and songs by many local spiritual artists.

The 2004 shows are Saturdays, May 8, July 17, and Oct 2. For Spring we have wonderful singer/songwriters, comedy, dance, speakers, and magical paintings by gifted local artists. Join us for a rare opportunity to find inspiration and friendship with fellow seekers who have something transcendent to say with their creativity!

Saturday, May 8, 2004 at 7pm-9:30pm
(your $5-$10 sliding scale admission will help defray many costs)
Cambridge Swedenborg Chapel, 50 Quincy St. Cambridge, MA. This a lovely Gothic stone chapel across from Harvard's Sanders Theatre (Memorial Hall) in Harvard Square.
(Not wheelchair accessible yet, sorry.)

• series info and art online at !

Presenters scheduled include: Music: Caera Aislingeach (singer/harpist), Steve Kriger (singer/songwriter), Harry R. (singer/songwriter), Maria Termini (singer) Dance: Su Eaton - - Comedy: Rob Wo- - Speakers: Donna Lynn Hudgins (inspirational writings), Carl Schroeder (true synchronicity stories) - -
Visual Art: Bren Bataclan, Devon Bryant, Jane Chakravarthy, Linda Clave, Deanna Devaney, Jennifer Gistrak , Andy Gmur, Ishmira Kathleen Thoma, Sharon Linnea Smith, Maria Termini, Brenda Wiberg