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July 22, 2001
This coming Saturday is a focus show at the Swedenborg Chapel with 4 great full-length performances! The big July 7 variety show was certifiably fabulous, with well over a hundred people attending, wonderful talent, and many touching moments. Thank you and congratulations to all who participated! I have put a Guestbook on the website for people to sign, and a photo album will be up soon. -- The word is spreading about the Soul Stirring phenomenon; we just got back from our annual workshop with visionary artist Alex Grey, and he is very excited about the format and wishes everyone here all the best (he attended the Museum School where he met his wife Allyson, so Boston means a lot to them). He has a new book coming out soon, and their Sacred Mirrors temple project continues to grow, so visit that for more inspiration as well.
June 9, 2001
Time flies when you're having so much fun! The July show is now just 4 weeks away. We've got all new super artists lined up for you, and their individual preview pages are coming online soon. What's more, we now have a wonderful photo album collected from the April show, so you can relive it with us. How'd it go? See for yourself! And don't forget to contact us if you are still interested in exhibiting for the September show, because there are some slots left.
March 31, 2001
What's new is that these concept shows are getting a *lot* of interest! So we've added a Summer date on July 7, in addition to the Spring and Fall shows; see the Events page and contact us if you are interested. We ask contributing artists especially to help print a poster and pass the word along; publicity will be needed to fill the hall and keep this many shows going. We're also hearing about related opportunities for spiritual art performance, so see the Resources page for our recommended links. Best wishes all!
March 25, 2001
So it took a few weeks (who was it that said "Anyone who's ever really gotten anything done knows how hard it is to really get anything done" ?), but the site is complete enough. We've called everyone to look at it, ads and postering are underway, and half a dozen artists have already given something to put onto their personal homepages. Carl is having regular dreams now of appreciations for the project from spirit friends, and synchronous supports and contributions are showing up left and right. Artist Katja Esser moved her 10th annual Vernal Equinox ritual to the chapel last Wednesday and had a blockbuster crowd. Yeehah! The enery is getting to be a serious fun!
March 3, 2001
April 28 and September 29 have been secured for this year's events, advertising is underway. Now the website begins! Carl starts designing the SoulStirring.Org website, and within days the first pages are up. The newspaper headlines are full of a world decrying the destruction of the Buddhist statues in Afghanistan, so an About page is made with a dedication to this creative spirit of an enlightened humanity, abused but not ignored.
December, 2000 The Cambridge Swedenborg Chapel gives Carl Schroeder and Ed Cates of the Mystical Experiences Discussion Group the go-ahead for a new kind of series of spiritually expressive art and performance shows. The domain www.soulstirring.org is registered. Ed gets on the horn to his extensive list of New England poetry contacts. Carl starts mentioning the idea to artists, musicians, and storytellers he thinks might be interested.
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